Services for Professionals

Sidestreets' quality services for professionals, and for private and public sector businesses and organizations that want to modernize, expand, and increase their competitiveness include:

  • Language courses: currently we are offering rapid English language courses at all levels, with special packages for businesses and organizations where English is needed both for dealing with customers and for dealing with international partners. Greek language courses will begin on 22 September, 2008.
  • Flawless editing, proofreading and translation of reports, proposals, speeches, presentations, projects, and other texts for businesses and organizations that wish to present themselves with a professional image.
  • Organization of cultural programs on diverse topics as well as art exhibitions, information seminars, and discussion forums for the public.
  • Rental of well-equipped professional spaces for seminars and meetings. Sidestreets is centrally located in the heart of Nicosia, opposite the courthouses. Its space is a beautiful, newly remodeled, five-story building. The modern, air-conditioned facilities include: a lobby, exhibition hall, multimedia seminar rooms, classrooms, labs, a meeting room and administrative offices. Wireless internet access is available free of charge throught the building. Sidestreets makes its facilites available for use by like-minded organizations or institutions, for an hourly or daily usage fee.

Sidestreets offers special group rates for private and public sector businesses and institutions that wish to invest in language learning and cultural literacy for their staff as part of their human resources development initiatives.