Language Courses

Sidestreets is currently offering the following courses:

  • Greek language courses

  • Rapid, intensive General English courses, open to all, and adjusted to participants’ language level.

  • Rapid, intensive English courses for professionals (in Business, Law, Tourism, Communication and Media, etc.)

  • Special courses for students at all levels who want to perform at their highest  potential in English, including courses for students enrolled in English-medium schools, and students preparing for or attending English-medium universities.

  • Exam preparation courses for children (ages 12 and up) as well as adults, aimed at the Cambridge KET, PET, and FCE exams.

  • Special groups can be formed for students preparing for IGCSE English Language and Literature exams. Sidestreets’ Literature in the Summer program offers short-term courses in understanding, appreciating and analysing literature.

  • Exam preparation courses for the IELTS and TOEFL exams.

  • Sidestreets also offers intensive summer courses at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

Being able to communicate in several languages and interact with other cultures is an essential part of modern life, in the context of globalization, the Internet, and traveling across borders. Sidestreets is a special place in the heart of Nicosia, set up to promote cultural events and language learning, and help children and adults succeed in school, in university, and in life.


In North Cyprus, it is especially important for professionals in business, industry, and law, as well as for students and the general public, to be able to interact and compete effectively on European and international levels and to broaden cultural perspectives beyond the isolation that is part of island life as well as of the recent history of Cyprus.


As the education system in Cyprus is changing and skills in English are becoming increasingly important locally, in Europe and internationally, we are focusing our efforts on helping to raise the English-language standards and skills of our young people and in the workforce.


All Sidestreets courses are taught within the context of the Common European Framework for Languages. Sidestreets certificates are all recognized by the North Cyprus Ministry of Education, and we also encourage students when they reach the appropriate level, to take international certification exams, such as the IELTS and Cambridge FCE (First Certificate Examination).


At Sidestreets, we have a reputation for providing genuine quality and value for money. Sidestreets courses are taught by international teachers who are highly qualified, experienced, and professional native English speakers, and we offer personal attention and care for our students in the most modern, spacious and pleasant learning environment.